I began this blog in 2014 as I ramped up my plans to hike the Pacific Crest Trail summer of 2015. A relative newbie to hiking and backpacking at the time (more specifically, a grand total of two backpacking trips under my belt and only a handful of hikes hardly more strenuous than a walk in the park), writing here was a way to express a stomach of nerves and mind full of doubt, as well as sharing the practical side to planning such a long trip.

Since, it has evolved to encompass other hiking & travel, work as a National Park Ranger in California’s High Sierra, and the wanderings of my mind.


Helen Beelen


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, if you are a cook/chef maybe you’ll have fun experimenting with trail food for yourself and pass on those more successful ideas. I’m not quite twice your age and live in the Seattle area. I’m aiming for 2017. Good luck.


  2. Helen, I exist. I like to pick a couple of hikers’ blogs to follow each year. I hope you have the trip of a lifetime, post lots, and feel the support and good wishes of many along the way. All the best!

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